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Mellilah is an award winning, Egyptian style belly dancer, performing and teaching throughout the Greater Seattle Area and beyond. She is committed to keeping the art form alive and authentic throughout the US and beyond, respecting and learning from its history and culture and educating others.

Education – Mellilah’s education comes primarily from select belly dance workshops and private lessons from numerous renown and respected national and international belly dance instructors, as well as from countless hours of research and study of belly dance history, music, culture, and style, and time spent observing exceptional belly dancers perform. She has completed Sahra Saeeda’s Cairo Style 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7, and Hadia’s Middle Eastern Teacher Training certification program, and is a certified fitness instructor. Additionally, she has a B.S. in Education and Minor in Music.

Teaching – Mellilah is an intuitive and generous belly dance instructor with a strong background in movement and fitness. She teaches group belly dance classes through the City of Bothell and privately in her Redmond studio. Mellilah is available for private lessons and workshops. You can find Mellilah Google+ here:
+Belly Dance by Mellilah

Personally – When Mellilah isn’t dancing, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, including her two dogs, enjoying the outdoors, gardening, eating healthily, and entertaining.

To learn more about Mellilah, visit her website at

Mellilah belly dancer at the Philidelphia showcase with Sahra Saeeda

Mellilah at the Philidelphia showcase with Sahra Saeeda

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