Belly Dance Gifts Part 2

Gifts for Belly Dancers:

Here are 10 best belly dance gifts for the holiday season! From students to professional belly dancers, these gifts will be well appreciated and enjoyed by all. Great given as birthday or holiday gifts. Better yet, most of these gifts support belly dancers and small businesses.

1. Capezio Low Rise Boy Shorts for Dancers $10.00. These boy shorts don’t ride up while you’re dancing and come in 12 colors to match your belly dance costumes. I have about 4 pairs myself and wish I had one to match every costume! A practical gift!

2.Game of Thrones Gown (Shown in image on right) Who wouldn’t want to step into one of these beautiful “Game of Thrones” inspired gowns after their show? Made from “environmentally preferred” repurposed fabric, too. Custom made. You pick the color and exact style. Handmade and sold by Seattle belly dancer, Delilah.

game of thrones gown

Inspired by the Game of Thrones – Custom made from repurposed fabric

3. Silver & Gold Holo Glitter by Atomic Cosmetics $14.00 for 2 glitter pods sold by Dr. Jen’s House of Beauty in Seattle, WA. Best deal: These products are free of toxic chemicals!

4. Vintage Burlesque Mata Hari Necklace $20.00 and up. Many beautiful styles to choose from. Sold by Shiny Sparkly Things.

5. Hasani’s Hand-Painted Filigree Designs $20 – $45.00. Beautiful glass art inspired by the intricate beauty of Moroccan lanterns and filigree designs. All pieces are hand painted using recycled glassware. To find the glass art, click on “Shopping” from the menu on the right hand side of site. Hand painted and sold by Seattle belly dancer, Hasani.

belly dance gifts

Hand painted faux filigee water bottle by Hasani

6. Bellydance Tank Tops $14 – $24.00. Studded tanks, great for belly dance class or street wear. Sold by Sharifwear.

7. Egyptian Dowry Necklace – $24. Worn by belly dance legend Taheya Carioca with her cabaret costumes, these are beautiful non-religious and non-dance specific necklaces that can be worn however you choose. Sold by Dahlal Internationale. I want one!

8. I’d Rather Be Bellydancing License Plate Frame $11.99. This one is not for the timid!

9. Sterling Silver Belly Dance Charm– $27 – Great for a necklace or ankle bracelett or for the charm bracelet collector!

10. Fringe Scarf– $19.00. I haven’t seen this one in person but it looks similar to one I own and enjoy.

Not finding what you’d like? You might want to take a look at Gifts for Belly Dancers Part 1.

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