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Belly Dance Music
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Belly Dance Music for Beginners:
When purchasing belly dance music, there are a few things to consider:

You’ll want to find songs with a medium tempo. These are easiest for practicing. Even when practicing shimmies, I’ve found it’s way more productive to practice with medium tempo songs, building up to faster tempos. Discipline is the key. Think of your shimmy as a metronome, it should be even and steady with the tempo of the music.
For practicing drills, Egyptian pop is great because it’s more repetitive than Oriental. For beginners, Egyptian pop is also easier for improvisation.

You should find music that you enjoy, after all, that’s why we’re here, for fun. Hollywood Music Center This site allows you to listen to some of the tracks on each album, and they have a large selection to choose from.

Here are some of my personal recommendations for beginner/intermediate dancers, specifically for practice:

*Sunshine Arabia 2006 or one of the other volumes- Compilation of Egyptian pop and other; lots of medium tempo songs for practice. Purchase here: Sunshine Arabia 2006
*Hakim – Any albums by this artist; Egyptian Pop; easy to dance to

*Bellydance Superstars”- Most people love these songs. Purchase here: Bellydance Superstars 1
*Sahara Groove – Variety of artists, medium tempo songs for practice

*The Orient Beats Back, Two Thousand & One nights – Remixes by Said Mrad, fast songs with heavy beats, great for shimmy practice. Purchase here: Two Thousand & One Nights

*Tapestry of the Dance by John Bilezikjian and Var Daghdevirian- Turkish, Greek and Persian music; contains a full belly dance routine and other songs. Purchase here: Tapestry of the Dance

*Kenza by Khaled – Moroccan Rai music; easy to dance to. Purchase here: Kenza

*Dellali by Cheb Mami –Moroccan rai music; easy to dance to. Purchase here: Dellali

*Arabic Groove by Putumayo World Music – Great listening music and practice songs. Purchase here: Arabic Groove (Putumayo Presents)

*Sahara Lounge by Putomayo World Music – Great CD for practice and listening. Purchase here: SAHARA LOUNGE

*House of Tarab -I can’t end without mentioning H.O.T., based in Seattle! They have two excellent CDs which will introduce you to some belly dance classics and provide you with a good range of various types of songs, including slow taqsims, drum solos, and more…

Also, read my blog article titled, “Classic Belly Dance Songs.” To purchase the belly dance music recommended above, visit my Store.

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Mellilah teaches belly dance classes in Redmond and Bothell and performs for private parties and restaurants throughout Seattle.


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  2. As a beginner I know very little about belly dance music and this is a great starting place. My collection needs to begin with something and this information has given me lots of styles and choices. Thank you for putting this together.

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