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Belly Dance Videos
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Belly Dance Videos – An Historical Timeline of Egyptian Legends

Here are belly dance videos of legendary Egyptian dancers performing mostly raqs sharki. I have placed the clips in historical order; so it’s also an historical reference, showing how Egyptian dance evolved and changed as it progressed through the 30s, 40s and 50s (Classical), into the 60s – 80s (Modern) and the most current Egyptian style (Post Modern). Note there are also clips of American and other foreigners which do not all depict the Egyptian style as it is and has been represented in Cairo, specifically. Putting dancers into categories is somewhat subjective, and the semantics of doing so should be considered. Please note that I do my best to apply what I have learned from master instructors when categorizing dancers and do so for the purpose of studying and learning from these examples. There aren’t many black and white rules when defining the styles of belly dance, and I like to think of the similarities as “commonalities” or “tendencies” when referring to styles.

LEGENDS (Classical & Modern Egyptian style):

Belly dance legend Samia Gamal

Samia Gamal

Badia Masabni 1934, Owner of Casino Badia

Taheya Karioka Considered the 1st Star of Raks Sharki in 40s; Classical style. 1950 film Shati el Gharam (Shore of Love)
Taheya Karioka 1950 in Shore of Love
Taheya Karioka 1st song: possibly, Hassan Ya Ghoulli 2nd song: possibly Ahlam Atrash ??
Taheya Karioka Song: Zikrayat (possibly?)

Samia Gamal Considered the 2nd Star of Raks Sharki in 40s; Classical style. This performance is from the 1952 film ‘Don’t Tell Anyone, “Raks El Gezlan” composed by Farid Atrache.
Samia Gamal 1949, dancing to Mkhtarat Wahab
Samia Gamal
Samia Gamal 1952 Don’t Tell Anyone
Samia Gamal 1953 Nashala Hanem

Naima Akef Star of 50s, performing to Aziza.
Naima Akef 1954 Black & White
Naima Akef 1958 in Ahebek Ya Hassan in black and white
Naima Akef 1964 White Costume

Soheir Zaki Star of 60s & 70s. – 1970 Black & White, dancing to Daret El Ayam
Soheir Zaki Aghadan Alkak composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab in Yellow Costume
Soheir Zaki Peforming to Leylet Hob, Black & Gold Costume
Soheir Zaki Blue Galabaya
Soheir Zaki Green Costume Part 1

Nagwa Fouad Star of 70s – 1970 Black & White
Nagwa Fouad Black & White
Nagwa Fouad 1973 White Costume
Nagwa Fouad 1973 Green Costume

Mona Said Star of 70s – Rainbow Costume Part 1
Mona Said Rainbow Costume Part 2
Mona Said Rainbow Costume Part 3
Mona Said Drum Solo in Gold Costume

Fifi Abdo Star of 70s & 80s
Fifi Abdo

Aida Nour Star of 70s & 80s.
Aida Nour
Aida Nour


Lucy Modern Egyptian style

Sahra Saeeda Originally from Los Angeles. Danced in a Cairo’s 5-star hotel from 1989 – 1995; Modern Egyptian style.
Sahra Saeeda
Sahra Saeeda

Dina Cairo Superstar; Post Modern Egyptian style

Randa Kamel, Post Modern Egyptian
Randa Kamel
Randa Kamel

Orit Masftir From Israel

Leila of Cairo Originally from Seattle, WA; Post Modern Egyptian style
Leila of Cairo
Liela of Cairo

Aziza Mor Said I just discovered this dancer; from Brazil
Aziza Mor Said
Aziza Mor Said
Aziza Mor Said

Hadia of Canada Modern Egyptian style

Evgenia Kopteva Russian style

Sohaila Located in SanDiego, CA; Modern Egyptian style

Daria Mitskevich Just added! I just discovered this amazing dancer.
Daria Mitskevich

Aida Bogomolova Beledi and Drum Solo
Aida Bogomolova Enta Omri

Maryam performing to Wahastini

Video Playlist of Egyptian Legends in Historial Order
Styles of Belly Dance Belly Dance styles defined and categorized

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