Belly Dance History Part 2

Belly Dance History Part 2 by Mellilah: There are lots of articles on belly dance history. You can read them and still find yourself confused. Additionally, we need to edit our previous beliefs on the origins of belly dance, especially those that began with opinion and speculation, as researchers begin to find more pieces to […]

Male Arabic Dancers

Male Arabic Dancers: From what I have learned up to this point, throughout the Arabic world, men were historically seen performing dance while impersonating women (cross dressing) at times when women were not allowed to dance in public. Today, this is still commonly seen, and of the Middle Eastern countries, it is most tolerated in […]

Belly Dance History

Belly Dance History and Origins: Baladi means “country” or “folk” and refers to a particular style and costuming. Prior to the twentieth century, when performed, baladi was performed primarily for weddings, outdoor festivals, coffee houses and private residences. The baladi style was performed in small spaces and was improvisational, utilizing movements of the shoulders and […]

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