Candle Tray Dance Tips

The candle tray dance can be a really beautiful dance for private parties, weddings and the stage. Below are some fabulous tips and “how to’s” for candle tray dancing used by professional belly dancers. Choose what works best for you. Selecting a Tray for Candle Tray Dance: Start with an 11- 12″ diameter ordinary flat […]

Private Party Tips & Tricks for Belly Dancers

Wondering how to liven up your private parties? Need ways to make your guests feel more comfortable? Below are 10 of my tried and true private party tips & tricks that I either learned from experience or from my peers. Most of the time, belly dancers are hired for someone’s birthday party, and occasionally for […]

Best Belly Dance DVDs

Best Belly Dance DVDs: Mellilah’s Top Picks (Return for updates!) Sahra Saeeda I recommend any and all performance or instructional videos/DVDs by Sahra Saeeda for her authentic Egyptian style and excellent historical and practical knowledge of Egyptian style dancing. I love her performance “Sahra Saeeda” DVD in which she performs 9 dances in 9 different […]

Belly Dance Books

Belly Dance Books: Below is a reading list of belly dance book that I’ve compiled based on books I’ve enjoyed and reviews from my colleagues. I will be working my way through the books I have not read, adding more when I hear of them, and reviewing them when I finish. If you have a […]

Learning from Belly Dance Videos

Learning from Belly Dance Videos | Instructional & Performance videos and DVDs for Belly Dancers: Learning from belly dance videos cannot be underestimated. There is a plethora of belly dance videos, both for performance and instruction that will help support what you’re learning in class. Performance videos, and DVDs, will help you develop an appreciation […]

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