Vintage Belly Dance Music

Vintage Belly Dance Music from the Golden Era of Egyptian Belly Dance: For quite some time, I’ve been fascinated with vintage belly dance legends from the Golden Era. This led me to add more vintage belly dance music to my personal collection. I found that many of my favorite songs that were used in the […]

Types of Belly Dance Songs

A List – Types of Belly Dance Songs: As a belly dancer, it gets confusing when you’re deciding on music as there are so many choices. The venue, occasion, and costuming and your skill level will most likely determine what music you’ll choose. However, often dancers get confused between the different types of music. This […]

Classic Belly Dance Songs

Classic Belly Dance Songs for Egyptian Belly Dancers: Every serious dancer should be familiar with classic belly dance songs. Sahra Saeeda advises everyone to learn at least 3 that you know inside and out. In Cairo there were four classic, top singers, including Oum Kalthoum, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Abdel Halim Hafez, and Farid al-Atrash. Many […]

Non traditional bellydance music

Non Traditional Bellydance Music (Some with Arabic Beats / Rhythms): List of non traditional music for bellydance, including pop songs with Arabic rhythms, mostly Western music from the U.S., and songs that just sound like a good choice for a choreography set to non-bellydance music. Let me know if you know any more songs. Rich […]

Middle Eastern vs. Western Music

Middle Eastern vs. Western Music: Middle Eastern Music- The complexity of the rhythm and the purity of the melodic line are most important in this type of music. In contrast, Western music has a harmonic framework and a beginning, middle and end. Middle Eastern music has an ebb and flow, a continuous development and endless […]

Belly Dance Music

Belly Dance Music for Beginners: When purchasing belly dance music, there are a few things to consider: You’ll want to find songs with a medium tempo. These are easiest for practicing. Even when practicing shimmies, I’ve found it’s way more productive to practice with medium tempo songs, building up to faster tempos. Discipline is the […]

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