Belly Dance Gifts Part 2

Gifts for Belly Dancers: Here are 10 best belly dance gifts for the holiday season! From students to professional belly dancers, these gifts will be well appreciated and enjoyed by all. Great given as birthday or holiday gifts. Better yet, most of these gifts support belly dancers and small businesses. 1. Capezio Low Rise Boy Shorts […]

Belly Dance Instructor Bio: Mellilah

Belly Dance “Instructor Bio: Mellilah,” extracted from Bothell Bridge Fall 2014 Mellilah is a professional belly dancer in the Greater Seattle area, as well as a top instructor at the City of Bothell where she has been teaching since 2008. As a professional belly dancer, there’s never a dull moment. Besides her regular beginning and […]

Why I dance: a student’s perspective

Why I dance: a student’s perspective by Sapphire A few years ago I stepped into the world of belly dance. I fell into it, really, because I hadn’t intended to become a dancer. I was still getting used to being a new mom and discovering that I was physically never going to be the same again. […]

A Blossoming Dream: One Student’s Story

A Blossoming Dream: One Student’s Story by Safira, Guest Blogger Let’s start with introductions. My name is Safira (at least, that is my stage name), and I am a beginning belly dancer, studying under Mellilah Jamal. It occurs to me that I should probably begin a blog post about ‘being a student belly dancer’ with […]

Gifts for Belly Dancers

Gifts for Belly Dancers: Here are 10 fabulous gifts for belly dancers for the holiday season!  Make that belly dancer friend, partner, or troupe member happy with one of these belly dance gifts; sure to please any belly dancer, novice to professional. 1. Vintage Belly Dancer Necklace $5.00.  You can’t go wrong with this gift for […]

Gossip & Belly Dance

Say “No” to Gossip! I know that gossip exists in many workplaces, but is there more in some fields then in others? Belly dance is a very personal art form or job; an instrumentalist makes music via an instrument but a dancer’s instrument IS their body. Therefore, are dancers more sensitive, more protected, and are […]

When Am I Professional

When am I professional? Am I there yet? How do I know when to call myself a professional dancer? Am I there yet? …very common questions among belly dancers. As dancers we get so easily distracted when someone says, “Great job,” often thinking, “That means I’m there.” In contrast, dancers can get easily discouraged when […]

Sahra Saeeda

Sahra Saeeda – My Idol! WEEEE! I bought my ticket and paid for my course!!! I’m taking 20 hours of instruction with Sahra Saeeda! For those who don’t know anything about her, you can visit her online at She will be coming to Seattle, too! I can’t wait. Comments: Sahra was an exceptional teacher, […]

Dance for Yourself

Dance for Yourself – Dance for the Love of It and Forget the Rest! Written by Mellilah “The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.” – Vincent Lombardi My dear friend, a fellow dancer, asked me the other day, “Why do you dance?” I […]

Belly Dancing vs. Erotic Dancing

Belly Dancing vs. Erotic Dancing Written by Mellilah Why does the general public sometimes get erotic dancing confused with belly dancing? This happened to me just the other day while telling a stranger what I do. I will try to explain from my point of view and discuss ways that I feel we (dancers) can […]

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