Dance for Yourself

Dance for Yourself
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Dance for Yourself – Dance for the Love of It and Forget the Rest!
Written by Mellilah

“The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.”
– Vincent Lombardi

My dear friend, a fellow dancer, asked me the other day, “Why do you dance?” I know why I dance. I dance because it’s my way of expressing that which I cannot put into words. My body moves in a way that I’ve now claimed as my own, a gracefulness and fluidness I may never have found had it not been for belly dance. I feel feminine, sexy… beautiful. The music and movements bring about joy, love, tenderness, bittersweet pain, and ecstasy. For me, dance is healing; it’s my elixir. The music moves me like no other, and although I may need to work on more balance in my life, when I’m not performing, all I really want to do is watch a good belly dance show. Then why fret about it so much?

I find myself constantly striving to learn this or that, disappointed when I see how much is still left to master. Searching for that end in sight in terms of “mastery,” not to compete with others but to compete with myself. But the reality is that it’s the journey I love. It’s not the end result; it’s the music, sensations, and the love of it.  I realize now, I must dance for myself not for others!

My advice for myself and those reading: Don’t give dance too much importance. Release yourself completely and utterly, forgetting about any expectations from yourself and others, and just dance because you love it. Don’t give those with negative energy even a second thought, remove them completely. Practice technique, listen to your music over and over again, practice transitions and where to do certain moves, but then throw it all out the window and just dance, in both practice and performance. That’s what I’ll be doing!

I’ll let you know how it goes… to be continued.

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About Mellilah Jamal

Mellilah teaches belly dance classes in Redmond and Bothell and performs for private parties and restaurants throughout Seattle.

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