Gifts for Belly Dancers

Gifts for Belly Dancers
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Gifts for Belly Dancers:

Here are 10 fabulous gifts for belly dancers for the holiday season!  Make that belly dancer friend, partner, or troupe member happy with one of these belly dance gifts; sure to please any belly dancer, novice to professional.

1. Vintage Belly Dancer Necklace $5.00.  You can’t go wrong with this gift for belly dancers.

belly dance necklace

Vintage Burlesque Belly Dancer from the early 1900’s Domino Pendant by Shiny Sparkly Things

2.Belly Dance Bobble Head  $89.99. Custom Made. You can change the hair, eye and skin color.

3. Eye Kandy Glitter Set $30.95 for the Eye Candy Bag & Two Sprinkle Pods. These are better than MAC as they are safe for the eyes!  Be sure to buy the Liquid Sugar to apply at $16.95.  Don’t know which ones to choose, you can’t go wrong with Confetti (holographic silver) or Yellin’ Melon (holographic gold). Of all the gifts for belly dancers, this is the most practical!

4. Belly Dancer Mug $11.99. You can choose from many designs. Designed by Janice Wing.

5. Light Cubes $5.00 each. Fancy cube shaped LED lights in many colors to use when candle dancing in place of real candles.  They have other uses, too! I recommend getting a set of two, one for each hand. A great gift for any belly dance performer.

6. The Un-Glove $15.00. Shown below. Comes with two sets of 6 bands for each arm. Gives you a funky glove look for belly dance practice or performance. Made by L. Rose Designs. I recommend ordering them in Black Nylon Lycra for the most versatality.

dance gloves

Funky bands that act like gloves for belly dance practice or performance

7. Dance Mini Skirt– $25.00. Black and white ruffled mini skirt to wear over yoga pants for practice, student performance, or alternative belly dance performance. Order the “Ruffled Mini Skirt” in black and white from L. Rose Designs. You do need to include the lower hip measurement. This is one of my favorite of the “gifts for belly dancers.” If my boyfriend is reading this, I want one. 🙂

8. Belly Dance Book – $10- 30. Visit my list or recommended books for some great belly dance reads! Perhaps “Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron” would be a good choice. It helps the dancer overcome mental blocks that get in the way of one’s creativity.

9. American Bellydance Legends DVD– $22.28.  Features the dance pioneers who started the belly dance craze in the US. Produced in 2010.

10. Belly Dance Hip Skirt $39.00. I have a couple of these, and I just love them. They come in one-size fits-all, about size 5-9.

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