Learning Zills

Learning Zills

I really, really wish I had learned the zills when I began dancing!! Unfortunately, when I learned to dance, most of my teachers didn’t use zills (finger cymbals) in their classes. Because it wasn’t used in class and I never took the initiative to teach myself, I danced for years without them, and now my zills are not up to par with my dancing. It’s taking a lot of discipline to make myself use them, but I know it will pay off in the end.

I think it’s never too early to begin learning zills and really want my students to learn early on. However, I’ve decided that I will begin teaching zills in my Level 2 classes due to the nature of my Level 1 classes and the various objectives people have for signing up for the class.

Where do you buy zills? I recommend Zildjian zills which can be purchased here on Amazon. Also, Saroya Mastercrafts is another great place for purchasing zills. If you click on “Students & Advanced Dancers” you’ll see cymbals that are mellow toned and lightweight for students at around $15 a set. (You can read about the history of zills here, too.)

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Mellilah teaches belly dance classes in Redmond and Bothell and performs for private parties and restaurants throughout Seattle.


  1. you are correct, never too late I think for anything…I love Jamila Salimpour CD/book and Archive series to practice finger cymbals…amazing ability
    good luck with your future plans.

  2. Norma Buffon says

    Best of luck with the zills. Fortunately I learned early on to play. Just play them whenever you practice. Don’t have to use them constantly, play with the music and just have fun!

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