Male Arabic Dancers

Male Arabic Dancers
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Male Arabic Dancers:

From what I have learned up to this point, throughout the Arabic world, men were historically seen performing dance while impersonating women (cross dressing) at times when women were not allowed to dance in public. Today, this is still commonly seen, and of the Middle Eastern countries, it is most tolerated in Turkey. However, not all male Arabic dancers impersonate women. Arabic men have also performed folkloric dances, like the Tahtib or stick dance, and have danced informally at parties and family gatherings and still do today. Particularly in the Western societies, men have taken to cabaret style dancing, the style usually seen performed by women, sometimes cross-dressing and sometimes not. In 1959 soloist, choreographer, and director, Mahmoud Reda, started the first Egyptian folkloric dance company, The Reda Band. His efforts helped shape the dance we know and love today, Oriental Dance (Raks Sharki) or belly dance. Today, Tito is famous in Cairo, Egypt, performing for tourists at major hotels, performing oriental raqs sharki (belly dance) and folkloric dances. He is particularly loved and respected by fellow belly dancers throughout Western countries for his performances and instruction.

Video Examples:
Tito of Cairo
Amir Thaleb
Tito performs Tahtib, stick dance
Tito Performs Raqs Sharki and Folkloric Dance
Tito performs Raqs Sharki / belly dance
Mahmoud Reda (Fast forward to 3:00 on the counter for his performance.)
Nath Keo belly dance
Nath Keo belly dance
Mohamed Shahin folkloric dancer

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  1. Women find these moves sexy. I am amazed at the number of fans that Tito has and the way women fawn over him in these videos. He has his own style, yet he has learned much from the women who have perfected belly dancing throught the centuries. Perhaps men have something to contribute to this art form. Are there any other men out there reading this blog who belly dance?

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