When Am I Professional

When Am I Professional
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When am I professional? Am I there yet?

How do I know when to call myself a professional dancer? Am I there yet? …very common questions among belly dancers. As dancers we get so easily distracted when someone says, “Great job,” often thinking, “That means I’m there.” In contrast, dancers can get easily discouraged when they hear criticism. However, a compliment is a compliment, not a comparison, scale, or measure of your worth in the profession, and criticism should be given and used as a means to improve. I think a lot of dancers just want and need validation. Let’s accept compliments graciously and learn from criticism, and if you want to know if you’re “there,” ready to perform as a professional, or what you need to work on to get you there, pose the question directly and more specifically to a respected professional.

You may want to check out my article, “Become a Professional Belly Dancer.” It tells you the steps to take, how to practice and what to do to become a professional belly dancer with tips and advice.

Also, the great thing about belly dancing is that there are opportunities within the belly dance community for all dancers, like at haflas.

Good luck and happy dancing!

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