Candle Tray Dance Tips

5.0 04 The candle tray dance can be a really beautiful dance for private parties, weddings and the stage. Below are some fabulous tips and “how to’s” for candle tray dancing used by professional belly dancers. Choose what works best for you. Selecting a Tray for Candle Tray Dance: Start with an 11- 12″ diameter […]

Best Belly Dance DVDs

5.0 04 Best Belly Dance DVDs: Mellilah’s Top Picks (Return for updates!) Sahra Saeeda I recommend any and all performance or instructional videos/DVDs by Sahra Saeeda for her authentic Egyptian style and excellent historical and practical knowledge of Egyptian style dancing. I love her performance “Sahra Saeeda” DVD in which she performs 9 dances in […]

Classic Belly Dance Songs

4.5 06 Classic Belly Dance Songs for Egyptian Belly Dancers: Every serious dancer should be familiar with classic belly dance songs. Sahra Saeeda advises everyone to learn at least 3 that you know inside and out. In Cairo there were four classic, top singers, including Oum Kalthoum, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Abdel Halim Hafez, and Farid […]

Body Alignment

4.2 04 Body Alignment (Not just for dancers!): The road to healthy, lifelong body alignment is a process of identifying problems and habits and improving muscle strength and flexibility. It is learning how to stand, sit, and move without causing undue tension or strain. Normal joint motion in the spine and other body areas, as […]

Learning from Belly Dance Videos

4.0 03 Learning from Belly Dance Videos | Instructional & Performance videos and DVDs for Belly Dancers: Learning from belly dance videos cannot be underestimated. There is a plethora of belly dance videos, both for performance and instruction that will help support what you’re learning in class. Performance videos, and DVDs, will help you develop […]

Become a Professional Belly Dancer

4.2 04 Become a professional belly dancer So you want to become a professional belly dancer?  How to become a professional belly dancer – PERFORMING: Belly dance is such a beautiful art form. People say that this is a “dance for everyone.” It is! Belly dance makes us feel sexy, feminine, and proud of our […]

Learning Zills

0.0 00 Learning Zills I really, really wish I had learned the zills when I began dancing!! Unfortunately, when I learned to dance, most of my teachers didn’t use zills (finger cymbals) in their classes. Because it wasn’t used in class and I never took the initiative to teach myself, I danced for years without […]

Belly Dance Music

5.0 03 Belly Dance Music for Beginners: When purchasing belly dance music, there are a few things to consider: You’ll want to find songs with a medium tempo. These are easiest for practicing. Even when practicing shimmies, I’ve found it’s way more productive to practice with medium tempo songs, building up to faster tempos. Discipline […]

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