Private Party Tips & Tricks for Belly Dancers

Wondering how to liven up your private parties? Need ways to make your guests feel more comfortable? Below are 10 of my tried and true private party tips & tricks that I either learned from experience or from my peers. Most of the time, belly dancers are hired for someone’s birthday party, and occasionally for […]

Gossip & Belly Dance

Say “No” to Gossip! I know that gossip exists in many workplaces, but is there more in some fields then in others? Belly dance is a very personal art form or job; an instrumentalist makes music via an instrument but a dancer’s instrument IS their body. Therefore, are dancers more sensitive, more protected, and are […]

Belly Dance Stage Names

Choosing Belly Dance Stage Names Belly dance stage names are often used by belly dancers in lieu of their real names. The tradition started in Northern America, Australia, and New Zealand, and the trend has now spread like wildfire throughout the world. Do you have to choose a belly dance stage name? No, it’s not […]

Belly Dance Etiquette

Belly Dance Etiquette at Shows for the Audience & Performers Belly Dance Etiquette as an Audience Member: Tipping is a typical way to show your appreciation of the dancer’s abilities. The audience usually tips as the performer dances up to the table during the last song. Fold a bill in half lengthwise and tuck it […]

Become a Professional Belly Dancer

Become a professional belly dancer So you want to become a professional belly dancer?  How to become a professional belly dancer – PERFORMING: Belly dance is such a beautiful art form. People say that this is a “dance for everyone.” It is! Belly dance makes us feel sexy, feminine, and proud of our bodies. Without […]

Belly Dance Sustainability

Sustainability and Community Written by Mellilah With so many shows which ones should I attend? My greatest hope is that we will support high-quality shows that showcase high-quality dancing, from dancers who have “earned the right to dance,” as Hadia says. I think this is how we can elevate our dance form, including all it’s […]

Belly Dancer Fees

Belly Dancer Fees What is a Professional Belly Dancer? A professional belly dancer performs for pay and has a vast knowledge of Middle Eastern dance technique, styles, music, and trends. She/he understands the cultural context of various Middle Eastern dances and has a high degree of performance skills. He or she has spent a great […]

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