Belly Dance History Part 2

4.7 04 Belly Dance History Part 2 by Mellilah: There are lots of articles on belly dance history. You can read them and still find yourself confused. Additionally, we need to edit our previous beliefs on the origins of belly dance, especially those that began with opinion and speculation, as researchers begin to find more […]

Types of Belly Dance Songs

3.7 06 A List – Types of Belly Dance Songs: As a belly dancer, it gets confusing when you’re deciding on music as there are so many choices. The venue, occasion, and costuming and your skill level will most likely determine what music you’ll choose. However, often dancers get confused between the different types of […]

Male Arabic Dancers

5.0 03 Male Arabic Dancers: From what I have learned up to this point, throughout the Arabic world, men were historically seen performing dance while impersonating women (cross dressing) at times when women were not allowed to dance in public. Today, this is still commonly seen, and of the Middle Eastern countries, it is most […]

Belly Dance Styles

4.6 05 Belly Dance Styles (Middle Eastern Dance) “Belly dance” is a common term used to represent past and present styles of folkloric, cabaret, and contemporary dance, originating in the Middle East. The term is used so broadly that a more specific title is warranted in order to properly represent the dance. Of course there […]

Belly Dance Videos

3.8 06 Belly Dance Videos – An Historical Timeline of Egyptian Legends Here are belly dance videos of legendary Egyptian dancers performing mostly raqs sharki. I have placed the clips in historical order; so it’s also an historical reference, showing how Egyptian dance evolved and changed as it progressed through the 30s, 40s and 50s […]

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