Best Belly Dance DVDs

5.0 04 Best Belly Dance DVDs: Mellilah’s Top Picks (Return for updates!) Sahra Saeeda I recommend any and all performance or instructional videos/DVDs by Sahra Saeeda for her authentic Egyptian style and excellent historical and practical knowledge of Egyptian style dancing. I love her performance “Sahra Saeeda” DVD in which she performs 9 dances in […]

Male Arabic Dancers

5.0 03 Male Arabic Dancers: From what I have learned up to this point, throughout the Arabic world, men were historically seen performing dance while impersonating women (cross dressing) at times when women were not allowed to dance in public. Today, this is still commonly seen, and of the Middle Eastern countries, it is most […]

Belly Dance Videos

3.8 06 Belly Dance Videos – An Historical Timeline of Egyptian Legends Here are belly dance videos of legendary Egyptian dancers performing mostly raqs sharki. I have placed the clips in historical order; so it’s also an historical reference, showing how Egyptian dance evolved and changed as it progressed through the 30s, 40s and 50s […]

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