Vintage Belly Dance Music

Vintage Belly Dance Music
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Vintage Belly Dance Music from the Golden Era of Egyptian Belly Dance:

For quite some time, I’ve been fascinated with vintage belly dance legends from the Golden Era. This led me to add more vintage belly dance music to my personal collection. I found that many of my favorite songs that were used in the Egyptian films of the 30s-50s were either unnamed or just impossible to find. I did find some, however, and I’m currently working on creating lists and matching those up with specific videos of legendary dancers. Below are some of the best vintage belly dance music CDs (and mp3s) which can be purchased.

Golden Era Belly Dance - Samia Gamal

Samia Gamal

Golden Era of Bellydance by Ferqat Al Tooras Orchestra. This CD lists songs used by Taheya Carioca, but I have found errors in the labeling of which dancer danced to which song in this CD series. For example, “Mkhtarat Wahab,” also known as “Raqset Kahramana” was first performed by Samia Gamal not Taheya (unless I just haven’t discovered that yet). It was performed in the 1949 film “Afrita Hanem.” So, I’d take that with a grain of salt. Sahara City is one of my favorite songs on this CD. However, I thought it was a song written for Nagwa Fouad as she danced at a club named “Sahara City.” I have yet to find a video of Taheya dancing to this song.

Golden Era of Bellydance 2 by Ferqat Al Tooras Orchestra. This CD lists songs that were performed by Samia Gamal. My favorite song on this CD is “Se’a Biqurb Il Habib.”

Golden Era of Bellydance 3 by Souher Zaki. This CD features the beautiful music of Om Kulthum with lots of favorites, Daret Al-Ayam, Fakkarouni, Leylet Hob, Al-Qulb Youshaq, and Alf Leyla! (Note: Taheya Carioca was the first legend to dance to Om Kulthum’s music.)

Exotic Oriental Belly Dancing – This one has some great vintage music but it’s all named randomly, like “Passion.” I am working on identifing some of the songs right now and will post here later. Maybe you know some of these songs and can share?

Belly Dance – The Music of Farid El Atrache My favorite song on this CD is “Raqset Kahramana,” that was performed by Samia Gamal in the 1949 film “Afrita Hanem.” Also, “Souk El Abid” is a favorite; parts of this song can be seen performed by Samia Gamal in 1952 film, “Don’t Tell Anyone.” It’s also known as “Raks El Gezlan.”

Belly Dance – The Music of Mohamed Abdel Wahab “Zeina” and “Aziza” are well known classics on this CD. I really like “El Hinna El Hinna” and think I might have to perform to it in the future.

Raksit Badia by Ali Kurdi -Performance Belly Dance Music CD – It’s no longer being produced and was distributed by

Radio Bastet: Vintage Belly Dance Music Live streaming music programs from old LPs.

Do you know of more CDs or mp3 downloads of classic songs used by legendary Egyptian dancers, particularly from the Golden Era of Egyptian dance? Please share what you’ve found in the comments below!

Classic Belly Dance Songs by Mellilah

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