Belly Dance Classes Egyptian Style


April 16th, Mellilah begins the 1st of a series of sessions, each featuring Signature Moves & Stylization of legendary Golden Era dancers throughout time, elegant Taheya Carioca, classic Samia Gamal, young and talented Naima Akef, sweet Suheir Zaki, sexy Nagwa Fouad, innovative Mona al Said, exquisite Fifi Abdo, and more...

A multi-leveled belly dancing class for intermediate to advanced dancers. You will learn warm-ups, essential fundamentals, drills, followed by layering, stylization, combinations and/or choreography, and streching. Finger cymbals are needed for this class. I recommend the Arabesque (advanced student) finger cymbals (zills) from Saroya Mastercrafts or Zildjian Thin. If buying the Zildjian Thin cymbals, you'll need to order 2 sets, one for each hand.

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