New Moon Belly Dance Troupe:

New Moon Belly Dance Troupe is a student-based belly dance troupe based in Bothell, performing Egyptian cabaret and folkloric dances of the Middle East for festivals, haflas, theatrical shows, and cultural celebrations. New Moon Belly Dance Troupe was founded by Mellilah in 2009, to provide her students with an outlet to join together in celebration of their collective interest in belly dance and to gain performance experience. The troupe is comprised of dancers from Mellilah's group classes who are dedicated to studying and sharing this beautiful art form.

Meet the Dancers:

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Mellilah, Founder and Artistic Director, is a sought after performer and enthusiastic instructor. She has studied extensively with renown belly dancers, such as Sahra Saeeda and Hadia. She is committed to sharing her knowledge and learning together while on her personal journey to better understand this beautiful dance form, its cultural reference, stylizations, and musical core. She is proud of how the dance troupe has grown, as well as the individual dancers, and always looks forward to the next class, practice, or show. When Mellilah is not dancing, she spends time with her family and friends, including her dogs, and enjoys traveling, books, gardening, and

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Noor is a gracious and open-hearted performer who beckons all to join in the joy of every dance. She has been studying Egyptian belly dance for several year under Mellilah's encouraging and generous instruction, and enjoys how this beautiful dance form cultivates community, helps her connect to the divine within, and brings her creativity out to play! Noor is very happy to be a member of New Moon Belly Dance troupe, and appreciates the opportunity to grow as a dancer with this delightful group of talented women. She also loves spending time with her family, gardening, and volunteering to assist youth and adults in learning to develop their capacities for service. Noor's life is filled with joyful moments; among the most fun is dancing with New Moon!

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Sah-Sah is a lively and playful belly dancer who draws her audience in with her warmth and joyful expression. On a journey to bring more joy into her life, she has re-discovered her love of dancing from her childhood. Prior to discovering belly dance around 2005, she was a serious student of salsa dance. In 2012, she began studying Egyptian belly dance with Mellilah. To Sah-Sah, belly dancing is about grace, passion, femininity and being in the moment. Being a left-brained person (logical and analytical), Sah-Sah especially appreciates how belly dance has strengthened her mind and body connection and awoken her desire for more self-expression and creativity. She looks forward to more joyful belly dance experiences with her friends in the New Moon Belly Dance Troupe.

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Azra- Just a few years ago, attending her very first class, belly dance quickly became Azra's new love, as she dove right into the culture, music, and everything revolving around the beautiful art form of belly dancing. Not only does she see it as fun and a way of staying active, but as a beautiful form of expression. It can be playful, sensual, and always mesmerizing. She is incredibly ecstatic about joining the New Moon dance troupe and happy to be part of a collaborative team, enjoying the same passion with others. Aside from belly dancing, she enjoys video games, art, playing the piano, and volunteering with local charities when she can.

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Diana is fortunate to have studied cultural dance for nearly a decade with some of the most talented dancers/instructors; Najla (accredited dancer, choreographer and founder of Fleurs d'Egypte Dance Company), Helene Eriksen (world renoun dancer and choreographer), and most recently Mellilah (award winning Middle Eastern dancer and owner of New Moon Dance Productions). She's performed at various restaurant venues, and shows such as Folklife, Mediterranean Fantasy Festival, and Under The Crescent Moon.

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Gabriella is an enthusiastic and compassionate performer who loves to dance. She has been studying Egyptian belly dance under Mellilah since 2011 and has been belly dancing for 4 years. As a member of New Moon Belly Dance troupe, Gabriella has enjoyed learning the choreographies from Mellilah and performing with the other troupe members. She is a devoted dancer and looks forward to continuing to pursue belly dance, which gives her a perfect creative outlet.

Would you like to join our group?

The troupe is open to intermediate and advanced dancers. All troupe members are expected to attend weekly classes and additonal practices. The troupe choreographies are taught in Mellilah's Choreography Class which is held on Wednesdays from 8-9pm via the City of Bothell. The choreography class does not focus on technique and assumes a basic level of understanding and ability to execute movement vocabulary and isolations. Please contact Mellilah if interested in joining our group.

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