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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear to a belly dance class and/or lessons?

Belly dance clothing is not required. You may wear comfortable exercise clothing. Dance, yoga or exercise pants, t-shirt, crop top or choli, and/or exercise tops are all fine. A hip scarf or coinless belt is optional. Most belly dancers dance barefoot but some choose to wear shoes. Any comfortable shoe that you can move in will work. Jazz dance shoes and ballroom shoes are excellent options, too.

What do I bring?

Bring water and yoga mat or towel for stretching. A notepad and pencil are recommended. If you have special dietary needs, like hypoglycemia, please bring a healthy snack. Bring finger cymbals to intermediate and advanced classes. I recommend these cymbals:

Saroya Mastercrafts Advanced Student Zills.

Zildjian Finger Cymbal Thin (One order is for one hand, so buy 2.)



Please arrive to your scheduled class/lesson on time. If you have not registered, please arrive ten minutes early. If you do arrive late, Mellilah will continue the class/lesson for the remainder of the scheduled time. No refund will be given for time lost due to tardiness.


When you pay for an entire session in advance, you receive a discounted rate. Alternatively, you may drop in to any class without an appointment for a one-time drop-in fee per class. Payment may be in the form of cash or a check, payable to the City of Bothell or City of Redmond for group belly dance classes. Private instruction may be paid via cash, check or PayPal, payable to Mellilah, or on Paypal as:

Pro-rated Fees

If you wish to join a session that has already begun, the fees are pro-rated as long as it's not the last day of the session. (If you join on the last day of a session, you must pay the $15 drop-in fee.)


Any cancellations must be received by City of Bothell before the start of the session, in accordance to their cancellation policies. For private lessons, please notify Mellilah no later than 24 hours before your scheduled time in order to cancel. Lessons may be rescheduled, if sufficient notification is given. In the unlikely event that Mellilah must cancel a lesson, the lesson may be rescheduled or refunded. Fees paid for private and/or group sessions are non-transferable; fees may not be transferred from one scheduled session/class to another. In the event of inclement weather call the City of Bothell Recreation at 425-486-7430 for classes held there. If the City of Bothell is closed due to weather, than all classes are cancelled. Likewise, call the City of Redmond for classes held there at 425-556-2300. Additionally, call Mellilah at 206-370-2881 as class may still be cancelled due to inclement weather.


Mellilah's Blog: Everything Belly Dance

My belly dance blog is for you, the student. You'll want to subscibe, so you receive all my newest articles on belly dance facts and essential information. If it's your first time there, take a moment to explore and you'll see what a valuable tool it can be to supplement your learning.

Everything Belly Dance Blog


Mellilah's Links

You might enjoy the websites listed on my "links" page, including some of the best belly dance costume designers/vendors, places to purchase music and accessories, magazines and organizations for dancers, excellent performers and bands and more. Take time now and again to visit this page. Click here.


There are many wonderful dvds/videos that will help support what you're learning in class. However, there are also a lot of videos that contain poor quality dancing, unsafe movement, and/or erroneous information. As a good place to start, I recommend Hadia's "Oriental Belly Dance System" and any performance or instructional videos/DVDs by Sahra Saeeda. These dancers are similar to my style of teaching and belly dancing, too. Also, read my blog article titled "Instructional Performance Videos for Belly Dancers". Visit my store to purchase from my recommended list of belly dance music, DVDs and accessories.


You'll want to read "Music for Beginning Belly Dancers". Many of these songs can be purchased individually via Amazon. Visit my store to purchase from my recommended list of belly dance music. Additionally, you may purchase songs that I am currently using in class, below.

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