Belly Dance Workshops by Mellilah

Egyptian Stylization

Enhance your belly dancing in this workshop on Egyptian stylization found in Cairo from past to present times, adding to your repertoire of movement possibilities and learning stylization that is most typical of Egyptian belly dancers. Learn a myriad figure 8 and hip circle variations, Egyptian arms and hands, use of the stage, historical context of movement, and much more! Mellilah shares her knowledge of Egytian belly dance style as learned from the famous masters. This workshop is best completed in multiple sessions, due to the extensiveness of content but can be designed for shorter durations.

Belly Blast

Wiggle your way into shape, while calming the nerves and connecting with your inner spirit. Mellilah incorporates belly dance movements and steps into a low-impact, aerobic workout, which helps burn calories and increases cardiovascular fitness. A creative alternative to the traditional aerobic workout. All levels.

Improvisation for the Dancer

Learn the secrets of improvisation and improv on the spot with pizzazz! This workshop is highly recommended for belly dancers currently performing or working towards performing for the public. Through years of experience teaching belly dance, experience on the stage, and in restaurants and clubs, Mellilah has found a systematic way to break down the components of improvisation in a way that is easy to learn and apply. Extention: Mellilah can guide you through improvisation for specific dances, including a beledi progression, Saidi stick dance, and classic oriental.

Kick Start Your Belly Dance Choreography: Choreograph Like a Star

Mellilah will teach you her secrets to creating spectacular belly dance choreography. Using techniques from theatre and dance and a hands-on approach, Mellilah will demystify the creative process, giving students the tools they need to start composing. Learn Mellilah’s methodical steps for creating variety and balance; her systematic method of “mapping out the music” so you can return to your choreographies again and again, without forgetting what you did, and more. Bring a notebook and writing utensil. Extention: Mellilah can teach you one of her choreographies and/or guide you through how to choreograph for a specific setting or style.

Body Dynamics

"Dancers are the athletes of God" Albert Einstein. Every belly dancer from beginner to professional needs the tools to help their bodies stay strong, flexible and safe in order to keep up with their love of dance. Knowledge of technique, rhythms and moves is where your love of dance wants to take you; learning about your body is what will get you there. Learn about proper alignment, muscle anatomy as related to belly dance, and more. Additionally, allow Mellilah to guide you through strength training exercises designed specifically to target our needs as belly dancers and learn healthy warm-ups and stretches to enhance your body's overall performance. All levels. (Continue with Body Dynamics II, III, and IV, with more emphasis on technique.)

The Mind-Belly-Body Connection

In this innovative workshop, Mellilah teaches you new ways to approach basic body movement and awareness. Learn techniques for relieving tension, preventing injury and pain, and facilitating effortlessness in your dance. Finally, engage your voice and settle your mind, helping you to become your best. Mellilah guarantees you will float out the door in a new body! All levels.

Drillin' & Skillin'

Mellilah will teach a series of belly dance warm up and practice drills to help you organize your practice time, practicing effectively and properly, while getting a low-impact workout. Mellilah covers a full scope of the most common belly dance movements with an emphasis on technique. Additionally, learn Mellilah's belly dance practice tips and be on your way to success!

All About Saidi

In this fun and engaging workshop, learn the different variations of Saidi with and without the stick (cane) with the cultural context added. Extention: Mellilah can teach you one of her Raqs Assaya choreographies.

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